Announcing the Creative Corner Project
  • Written by Jon Saxton
  • March 31st, 2015
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Announcing the Creative Corner Project

While Tower21 Studios Limited focuses mostly on design and film editing to help business and individuals build their brand, our main goal is to help dreamers market themselves. As part of that goal I am announcing a part of our website devoted to helping dreamers network together and publish their works. I am calling this project the Creative Corner.

The Creative Corner will be a section on our website, i.e., that will provide not only a social network for artists, authors, filmakers, and other creative individuals, but a means to publish works that they create themselves or in collaboration with other users. In fact the ultimate goal of the Creative corner is not just to provide a means to get your work out there, but also to network with others so you can get help with your project.

Imagine you are a filmaker. You have an idea for a new shortfilm, but you need someone to help you with the credits and title images and fonts, as well as a director, and actors. The creative corner will not only provide you a means to publish your final film, but also recruit actors, graphics designers, cinema artists, and other individuals to help you create your film.

We know not all projects are for profit, and some may just be small hobbies. We hope to provide a system where you can rally support for your project at little to no cost to yourself. Want a bigger project, are you willing to pay your actors and other creatives? Are you a dreamer who needs work? The ultimate goal of the Creative Corner will be to help match those with projects to those seeking work and/or experience.

Now this is just the announcement. I have laid out what I would like the Creative Corner to become. It is going to be a long, hard road. Devlopment of the required software is just starting. That being said, in the interest of the goals of this project, we are looking for developers, coders, designers, and administrators who are willing to work on the project and varying stages. Each one will have an all-access pass to the platform and be able to post their own works and find help with projects at no costs. Interested parties should contact me, please include a resume or CV. Understand that your compensation will be a portion of subscriptions, and you may not see monetary benifits for several months!

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