Be Careful on April 1
  • Written by Jon Saxton
  • April 1st, 2015
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Be Careful on April 1

In most of the world, the first of April is a day for jokes and pranks. Even big businesses are getting in on the fun. deviantART, an art-focused social network, has been releasing bogus news articles or doing some pretty weird things with their site every year since as long as I’ve followed them, but this year many other sites and companies have also joined in the mix. T-Mobile is apparently extending family plans to pets and Burger King has released a limited edition whopper perfume.

Now, while these are mostly unverified and likely totally bogus, one has to be careful, because April 1st is usually just another business day. That means real news often gets mixed in with the fake.

Case-in-point, yesterday we blogged about a new project called the Creative Corner. We had no screen shots, and no real news yet. Even though this was released before April Fool’s we wonder if some people might still think this is a joke. In truth everything I lined out in that post was true. We are planning on releasing the Creative Corner some time in a few years, if no sooner. It will eventually have all the features I mentioned. Nevertheless, I wonder if you believed me.

For that matter how much news released today will be real and how much is just a joke? I don’t think its really easy to say. For the most part I would say if it sounds outrageous, or too good to be true, it probably isn’t real, but that’s just a guideline. What do you think? You can comment on Twitter and let us know.

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