New Logo Design, Crafty Grandma June

New Logo Design, Crafty Grandma June

Crafty Grandma June's new Logo

June, of Crafty Grandma June, expressed interest in a new logo for her business. Although our focus of late has been on web site design, we were thrilled for this opportunity to showcase our graphics design talent!

Jon Saxton is a web site designer and web application developer by profession, but has had many years of experience in graphic design and art. He loved the opportunity he was given to showcase those skills.

At a meeting with June, he discussed her preferences, her brand, and what she was looking for in a logo. After presenting her with a font sheet with a sample of the fonts in the category she picked, he went to work creating two sketches of the logo with two of her top three fonts. Once the sketch was decided on, and tweaked a bit, it was digitized.

Jon used the digital sketch to create a vector trace. The trace was then colorized and smoothed out to form an SVG of what you see above. It was then rasterized to create a PNG that can be used throughout the web.

As you can see in our Schedule of Rates and Fees (Item #GD002) we can provide this type of service, or even more complicated designs (#G003-GD004), for as low as $50 per logo. To get started simple click start

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