MomoKO 2.0, Now in Beta
  • Written by Jon Saxton
  • April 7th, 2015
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MomoKO 2.0, Now in Beta

Our flagship project, MomoKO, has gone through many changes. This easy-to-use, everything under the same UI, CMS has grown from a small project started in college to ease my job as well as the job of my co-workers to a powerful, extensible system.

With MomoKO 2.0 almost everything is run off a SQL database. I’ve made improvements both to the front-end UI, and the back-end code. I’ve moved from the aging mysql functions to a power PDO-based database handler. All of this took hours and resulted in hundreds of lines of new code and countless edits.

I am pleased to announce the MomoKO 2.0 is now available for beta testing. While this is far from a stable, finished project, we are confident that the new version is stable enough for some use. So, get the code, install MomoKO on a test site, and help me find and fix bugs!

MomoKO 2.0 will also have complete documentation from addin, layout writing, to advanced features. If you’d like to help write documentation, or code, let me know! I’d love your help making MomoKO the best CMS out there!

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