MomoKO 2.0 is Nearing Release!
  • Written by Jon Saxton
  • June 2nd, 2015
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MomoKO 2.0 is Nearing Release!

We are very excited to announce that Friday, 5 Jun 2015 we will be releasing MomoKO 2.0’s first release candidate in preparation for the launch of 2.0 12 Jun 2015! 2.0 introduces you to a slimmer, and even easier to use, MomoKO. It has taken nearly a year and many portions of MomoKO have been completely rewritten!

I know we’re excited and I’m sure some of our users might be excited, but, unfortunately, we suggest current users of 1.5 or 1.6 wait to update. As I mentioned, 2.0 rewrote many of MomoKO’s code. Which means she sadly does not play well with older versions. There is no direct upgrade path even from the latest stable version, 1.6, at this time. Also 2.0 introduces a few regressions.

  1. MomoKO no longer generates RSS or Atom Feeds
  2. MomoKO now stores pages and posts in her database and there is no way to import the old HTML pages and XML news feeds into the database at this time
  3. MomoKO’s themes and addins architecture has been rewritten from scratch. The 2.x series will not support 1.x addins! We do not plan on providing support either. Developers of addins are requested to update to the new architecture as soon as possible.
  4. The system currently as little support for page type addins.

We plan to fix all of these regression, except the third one, by the next stable version, so hang in there.

For those of you not coming from 1.x. Welcome! We suggest waiting until 2.0 is officially released to start your journey. You will be starting with our best version yet! Of course if you need RSS feeds, you may want to go ahead and start with 1.6, but be sure to wait to upgrade to the 2.x series until an upgrade path is mapped out.

For more information on MomoKO and to follow her progress, please read and subscribe to our blog.

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