New layout now online
  • Written by Jon Saxton
  • July 9th, 2015
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New layout now online

Our new layout is now up! Since we last updated our preview we have added a showcase area to our template. The showcase area allows us to put relevant examples of our work on each page, and, for the contact page, allows us to put category examples next to the form.

Our hope with these changes is to make what we do more apparent. We believe, if our visitors see examples of our work right at the top of each page, they may be more willing to look below and find out more about us or even click our contact link and fill out the form to get started working with us.

Going forward we plan on making a condensed version of our rates and fees available on the web as well as a PDF. Our hope there is to make it much easier to access our pricing so people know what they will pay for our services. We also plan on bringing back our hidden pages. See if you can find them!

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