New Navigation Flow and Pages
  • Written by Jon Saxton
  • May 12th, 2015
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New Navigation Flow and Pages

After careful analysis of our traffic, we have decided to add a couple new pages to our website and change our navigation bar. We feel this new navigation flow will help potential clients understand what we do a bit better.

We looked at our visitor behavior and found that most people left after looking at the first page and that they spent on average just five seconds looking at that front page. We gathered this was just enough time for them to see our logo, banner and navigation and not enough time for them to scroll down to read more about us. We decided it best to make it more apparent what it is that we do right away.

To this end three new pages were added Web & Graphic Design, Art & Illustration, and Film & Video Editing. These pages explain those core service categories and what it is that we can do for clients in each category. They replace the Projects and Dreamers page on the navigation bar as we believe those pages did little to explain our company’s mission and goals.

The last change was to rewrite the Dreamers page. This page now explains our mission and holds the title #Dare2Dream. It is linked to the tagline on the front page so our #Dare2Dream campaign can have a better explanation.

We hope these new pages and new navigation will better explain our services, and make it easier for potential clients to find and understand our company.

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