Our Rates and Fees have been Updated
  • Written by Jon Saxton
  • May 19th, 2015
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Our Rates and Fees have been Updated

We would like to inform you of a major update to our rates and fees. Revision 4 of the 2015 edition is out now and introduces new sections for Art, Illustration, Film, and Video projects while keeping the lower rates of revision 3.

The new sections were added to reflect our purpose better. We are more than just a web design firm, we are a web and multimedia design firm. Our last site update introduced new pages to express this better, but our rates and fees did not.

The actual new section correspond perfectly with our updated web site. They are, namely, Art and Illustration, and Film and Video editing. Items in these sections start with AI and FV respectively.

We will be updating their pages on the site with better examples over the coming weeks. We hope this update helps potential clients in picking out the right services for them. Please note, this does not affect our term contract offerings.

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