We are Severing Ties with Paypal

We are Severing Ties with Paypal

It as come to our attention that Paypal, will be updating it’s user policy effective 1 Jul 2015. We had acquired a Paypal account after buying SaxtonSolutions LLC which we have been using to process payments for clients who wish to pay by credit or debit card. Unfortunately the new policies (see section 15 paragraph 5) are in direct opposition with Tower21 Studios Limited’s mission as well as the future aspirations of our company.

We believe that the intellectual property of any creative individual or dreamer should be owned solely by the person who created it. Currently, as a web and multimedia arts studio, this effects our rights to grant intellectual property rights to our clients. Whether we are designing a logo, business card, or illustration for a client, it is based off their original work and should be owned by them.

Paypal’s new policy states that, just by using their services to process a credit or debit transaction we would be granting them an irrevocable, transferable, and sublicensable license to use this property. We understand that Paypal needs to be granted a license in order to promote their services and process payments, but this license is far to broad especially if we are not posting such content on any publicly accessible web site.

Tower21 Studios also desires to help dreamers publish content via our future service (the Creative Corner). If we were to use Paypal as a means of collecting payment on behalf of our users, we would also be handing these rights to Paypal. We may offer it as in option on our marketplace, but it will have to be something our users can turn on and off as they will have to agree to the policies.

So the tl;dr of this is, Tower21 Studios Limited, effective 5 June 2015, will no longer be accepting payments through Paypal as the policies outline in section 15 paragraph 5 of their user policy is in direct opposition to our mission, and our beliefs as company. For our users, this means we will not be able to accept credit or debit card payments until we find another means to process them that does not violate our clients’ rights.

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