Hello 2017!
  • Written by Jon Saxton
  • January 2nd, 2017
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Hello 2017!

Our last post went over some of our plans for the future as company. To reiterate:

  • Tower21 Studios Limited will no longer be offering web development or web design services starting now.
  • This will not affect our web hosting customers nor will it have any affect on any current contracts.
  • Tower21 Studios will continue to resell server space and host websites for those interested. We will also be looking into away to set up free hosting sites automatically via a web form for new customers.
  • Tower21 Studios Limited will focus our efforts primarily on web publication, specifically WebComiX. Our software engineer is still working on a project to help move this along.

To this end our main domain no longer points to our old website. That site is dead. For now our domain will redirect here. We have plans for this site to serve as both an informative page letting potential customers, and curious visitors, know who we are as well as a launch pad for our WebComiX and Hosting platforms.

For now we are in transition. As we said in the post linked above, we will keep you updated of our progress. We look forward to a new year with new business goals!

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