Tower21 Referral Discount Program

Tower21 Referral Discount Program

At Tower21 we believe that one of our best advertising resources is our current clients. Our clients enjoy the experience of working with high-energy, dedicated, professional artists. So, clients, get talking! We often ask you how you enjoy our services. In fact newer clients have had the opportunity to fill out our satisfaction survey. That’s great! We love hearing from you, but we’d also love for your friends, and colleagues to hear from you to. To that end we are introducing our Referral Discount Program. Where you and your friends can earn discounts on services from us.

Here’s how the program works. Let’s say we have a client named Joe. Hi Joe! Joe loves working with us. He has had us design him an awesome website and is currently paying for us to host his site. Joe has a friend named Marry. Marry is looking to start a bookstore and Joe thinks she should get a website too. So he tell us about Marry. We meet Joe who then introduces us. Marry likes the idea of working with our company and decides she’d like a website designed for her, but wants it hosted somewhere else. We say, that’s fine Marry, we’ll get started right away!

Joe notices something cool on his next invoice. It’s a line item for RD001, a referral discount for 5% off his monthly service fee. Once we complete this her project, Marry also notices a 5% discount. Isn’t that awesome! Joe’s will continue until he cancels his hosting, while Marry’s is only applied to her first invoice unless she has some friends...

That’s not all. The Referral Discounts are tiered meaning Joe, if enough of his friends sign up with us can earn up to a 20% discount on his hosting! Can you believe it!? Joe can’t. The requirements to receive a discount are as follows:

  1. RD001 - Referral Discount Tier I: at least one referral signs with us.
  2. RD002 - Referral Discount Tier II: if the first referral signs for a 12 month term contract, client will be automatically upgraded, otherwise we must acquire 5 new clients from the client’s referrals.
  3. RD003 - Referral Discount Tier III: we must have 5 new clients from client’s referral sign up for 12 month or greater term contracts or 20 new clients sign up for other services, whichever comes first.

Tier I offers a 5% discount on current term contracts or incomplete projects, while Tier II gives you a 10% discount and Tier III is a 20% discount. So show us talk to your friends about us. Let us meet them. Save!

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