Tower21 is more than a design firm

Tower21 is more than a design firm

Our goals have been large and lofty since we started our journey. Tower21 Studios began as a design firm helping others build their identities by providing logos, web sites, and more. This has been one goal of ours, but as you may be aware, this was not our only goal.

We want to be more than just a design firm. Tower21 Studios would like to enter the daunting and difficult world of publication. We have found that it can be difficult for self-starters to get into a business they are passionate about because they don’t believe they have the resources, time, or, sadly, the money to pursue their goals. To this end we announced the Creative Corner project. Now we are making another announcement.

Tower21 Studios will be publishing its first web comic series! You may have noticed our new banner that popped up at the top of every page after our layout update a couple weeks ago. This banner was drawn by our own CEM, Jon Saxton, who has been hard at work writing the comic to go with it. The name of this project is Zion.

Though this project is one by our CEM. We want you to be aware that Jon Saxton will own all the rights to Zion and that Tower21 Studios would share all revenue with him. We want you to be aware of this as this is the type of publication firm we desire to become.

Tower21 Studios does not want to take some else’s ideas and run them until they keel over. We want to enter into an equal partnership with content creators. We want to help them get their ideas out to an audience without giving up their rights, and share equally in both risk and reward. We believe only by doing so can we help revive and entertainment industry plagued by stagnation.

In the coming days we will be opening a new page detailing our terms and our mission as a content publisher. We will also include a form and information on how to submit your ideas for web publication as well as details regarding our idea of a web comic.

We will continue to work on the software to help Dreamers publish their own works and get them in front of an audience. We don’t want to limit our Dreamers to a single medium, but, for the time being, we will only publish web comics. Stay tuned for further details.

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