Zion: Genesis Enters First Production Phase

Zion: Genesis Enters First Production Phase

You may have noticed our new home page with a poster for Zion: Genesis, the first episode in a three episode set of comics. You can read more about Zion on our home page, so we won’t bore you with all of those details. Instead I’d like to inform you that we have begun the first production phase of the first issue.

WebComiX will be split into a few production phases:

  1. Print production, each WebComiX will have a static PDF available for download. These will also serve as a template or base for the actual WebComiX
  2. Print post-production, final editing and effects added specifically for the PDF.
  3. WebComiX Experience production, Here we will use the PDF created in the first two phases to lay out the various panels onto a responsive grid so that the experience can re-arrange itself based on the user’s browser and screen resolution.
  4. WebComiX Experience post-production, sound, transition and other effects will be added in this phase. We will also take another look and each panel and position to ensure that everything flows well.

As you can see there is still a lot of work to be done before Zion is to be released, but we are excited nonetheless. This project has been in planning for several years and we are happy it is merely a few months away from being seen by you. We hope Zion can grow a great fan-base!

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